Thursday, January 7, 2016

CT TTDA Alehandra Vanhek ~ Miranda

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Gorgeous new tube by © Alehandra Vanhek called Laura. This tube has 5 jacket colors: blue, lilac, red, gray and green 2 Short colors: pink or green and 4 hat colors: black, lilac, green, and brown.
This tube and 2 matching kits are available at Tiny Turtle Designs Here.

TTD matching Scrap Kit: Laura Available here.

Bella C Matching kit Gorgeous Winter with Laura is available here

✿¨*•.¸✿¨*• CT AD TTDA ✿¨*•.¸✿¨*•

Artist:  Alehandra Vanhek    Tube: Miranda

Gorgeous new tube,  Miranda, by  Alehandra Vanhek.  This tube comes with several layers (4 sweater colors, 3 colors for legwarmers, and 2 hat colors) , tube is available with or without hat. Tube also has a book, cup, and vapor all on separate layers for many combinations. I matched this tube with a kit from Tiny Turtle Designs: Teal Treasures.
Both are available at Tiny Turtle Designs.
Tube is available here
Scrap Kit is available here

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