Monday, March 21, 2016

✿¨*•.¸✿¨*• Ct Ally Cat's Purrfect Kit Creations ~~ Arial ✿¨*•.¸✿¨*•

This is an absolutely beautiful, well put together kit. It will meet all of your under the water needs. I paired this kit with a tube by ©Very Many and another by ©Alex Prihodka.
This kit has 102 png elements, 19 papers, 16 frames and 2 ©Oky Draft Chibis

✿¨*•.¸✿¨*• CT Ally Cats Purrfect Kit Creations ~ Arial ✿¨*•.¸✿¨*•
Ally sells at these stores:
Artistic Dreams Imaging
Berry Applicious
Digi Divas
Digi Foxs Studio
Digi Graphic Designs

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