Wednesday, June 22, 2016

PTU Tutorial At the Beach

New CT Tutorial for Digi Divas

CT PTU Tutorial for Digi Divas - Scrap Kit Seaside Beauty by Jenns Designs

This tutorial was written by me (Marie's Designs) on June 22, 2016.
This is purely my creation and any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental.

Jane is a gorgeous new summer tube from © Alehandra Vanhek - she comes with several layers of bikini colors, bikini wrap, jewelry and flower all on seperate layers.

The scrap kit At the Beach by Tagcatz is an absolutely fabulous kit. Summer tagging fun with At The Beach - 96 elements and 8 papers. Not all shown. Tagger size. PU only. Drop shadows on preview only. Both are available at Digi Divas.

Tube is Available here

Scrap kit is Available here
I used 2 masks from Rachel's Designs Maskset1-1 and Mask 83-2
they are available here
Filter Xero: porcelain Plug-in is available here

At the Beach

C/P Copy Paste / ~ D/S Drop Shadow default setting: 3 -3 58 7.92 / bg: background/ S/F/D: Select All, Float, Defloat / E or el: Element / R: Resize / Unsharp mask Settings: 3 30 3 (Use after resizing if the image looks grainy or blurry

I try to write my tutorials as plain and clear as possible, but if I get you confused (and, if I do, I am sorry) you can always refer back to the image we are making for reference. Also, this is just a guideline (I write where I place the elements ) but, feel free to move them around, or add different elements. Have fun and experiment, it is the best way to learn new things.

Small Frame inside frame Instructions

  • New Image 700 x 700
  • C/P el 55 R 82%
  • C/P El 25 R 82% X 2
  • C/P el51
  • Click inside bottom frame (The blue one) Select modify expand 5
  • New Layer C/ P pp1 into selection
  • Keep Selected
  • C/P tube R 80% move down until you have the face where you want it
  • On tube layer invert clear deselect
  • tube change blend mode to multiply
  • duplicate change blend mode to screen
  • save this image as a psp if you want to, be sure to remember your copyright info
  • Copy merged -

Tutorial Instructions

  • New image 700 X 700 FF white
  • C/P merged frame image close for now
  • New layer Select All C/P pp 5
  • Mask RD Maskset1-1 Merge group
  • Select All new layer C/P pp 4 into selection - deselect
  • Apply mask RD Maskset 83-2 merge group
  • Select All C/P pp 7 as new layer - apply same mask to this layer
  • Merge group - mirror
  • C/P el 2
  • C/P E 30 move to bottom of masked image - duplicate Flip
  • C/P E 29 Free rotate L 90 all layers unchecked move to left - duplicate flip
  • Duplicate again and mirror. Duplicate flip
  • C/P el 60 R 50%
  • The following elements will be placed in or under the frame so please start at raster 3 - which should be el 2 (wheel, waterdrop splash)
  • C/P el 69 R 68% move to bottom right. Duplicate Mirror On mirrored image free rotate R 38.20 Move over bamboo
  • C/P el 83 R 68% X 2
  • C/P el 36 R 68% X 2 Move behind seagull
  • C/P El 31 R 45% place in center of canvas
  • Close white background layer merge visible R 85%
  • Duplicate move down and to the left
  • C/P tube R 32 % move to far left of duplicated frame - with your selection tool draw a rectangle over the part of the tube within the frame - invert delete. deselect
  • Duplicate tube - change blend mode to screen or whatever you like best
  • Merge down R this frame 90%
  • Now we will start adding el above the bamboo frame
  • Open up your framed tube image that we closed at the beginning of this tutorial
  • arrange layer bring to top R 50%
  • move to right lower corner of bamboo frame
  • C/P el 69 R 80% Free rotate L 38.20 place between frames at bottom
  • C/P el 11 R 80% move to right
  • C/P el 15 R 52% move in front of and to left of surfboard
  • C/P tube R 40% Mirror
  • Duplicate X 2 on 2nd layer change blend mode to screen on the top layer Change Blend mode to Multiply add guassian blur 3 - xero - porcelain default settings changing the blue slider to 0
  • If you want a softer look swap the multiply and screen blend mode
  • On the 2nd tube layer - merge down - top tube layer merge down. Now all 3 copies should be on one layer
  • C/P el 4 R 68% x 2 Place at base of surfboard
  • Duplicate Mirror
  • Duplicate again Effects - Image effects Offset setting H 220 V 0
  • Move under dog layer
  • C/P el 77 R 68% mirror
  • C/P el 1 R 50% X 2 duplicate - place one behind right of the dogs. Place other one below and to right of tube layer
  • C/P el 74 R 50% placebetween palms
  • C/P el 23 R 45% move to left in front of tube duplicate mirror place in front of palm frond at the top right of frame
  • C/P el 5 duplicate R 1 of them 50% X 2 and the other 45% X 2 move one to the left mirror the other one and place on right
  • C/P el 64 R 62% move center right
  • C/P El 71 move to bottom
  • Resize now if you want to , close or delete white background layer
  • Close the wordart layer
  • Merge visible R 98% X 2
  • Open wordart layer R 95% X 2
  • Add your copyright info and license number
  • If you want to save it for future use or to make for other people, save as a pspimage
  • Add your name Export - png optimizer and save. you are done

The font I used is called Secrets of the Octopus

Thank you for trying my tutorial I hope that you have enjoyed it. Marie

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